The funniest pictures of expectations and reality

maybe you have seen these funny “reality and expectations” photos and memes

These are funny and unfortunately truth πŸ™‚ Don’t be mad if your real life is not that you expect.

These are some amazing reality and expectations pictures which prove that reality …


1- When you are upset and Crying , How you think you look and Reality πŸ™‚


2- When you totally shave your head πŸ™‚ Funny truth


3- When you eat Mango in public, hahaha , have you ever seen yourself at this time πŸ™‚



4- Are you married or single, look at this , Anyway, marriage is sweet πŸ™‚


5- Doing yoga, yoga is a Beloved sports among women, But don’t worry you are like first photo πŸ™‚



Mr memel | Best funny memes


6- How you look while driving , I think Mr Beans is so sweet too.


Driving funny memes


7-When you are asleep, Expectation vs Reality πŸ˜‰



8- lol hahahaha Nowadays guysΒ people are interested this hairstyle



Mr memel | Best funny memes


9- When guys are playing basketball Reality vs expectations πŸ™‚


best memes in the world


10- Doing makeup, Do you agree? πŸ™‚


makeup meme


11- When You are asleep, Sad reality


funny meme


12- When you update your profile picture in instagram, Facebook and so on πŸ™‚


funny meme profile



13- And now two funny memes about family of Mr Beans the legend of comedy πŸ™‚


funny mr bean memes


funny mr bean memes


  • I wish nothing but the best for you, Be happy

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